2024 International Impact Book Awards

  • Driving For Justice was the WINNER of International Impact Book Awards in the Category of CONTEMPORARY  LEGAL THRILLER.

International Impact Book Awards is a prestigious platform that awards self-published authors, traditional publishing houses, and innovative publishers alike. They embrace both print and e-book formats because, at their core, they’re not just recognizing books; they’re celebrating impactful stories that resonate with excellence. Winning an International Impact Book Award is more than an accolade – it’s a testament to the quality and significance of author’s work.
It signals to readers and media professionals that author’s book stands out in a crowded literary landscape. They firmly believe that every book deserves the opportunity to be recognized and assessed based on criteria such as content, quality, writing style, presentation, and cover design.

2024  Pacific Book Awards

  • Driving For Justice was the winner of 2024  Pacific Book Award in the category of SUSPENSE.

The Pacific Book Awards, hosted annually by Pacific Book Review, stands as a prestigious competition that highlights outstanding literary achievements. This event draws a wide range of entries from authors globally, spanning multiple genres, and has become a landmark for recognizing superior literary art. The awards are celebrated for their rigorous judging criteria, which focus on the quality of writing, the allure of the narrative, and the aesthetic presentation of the books.

Authors from all walks of literary life are encouraged to submit their works. This contest provides a unique platform for authors to gain recognition and exposure in the competitive world of publishing. If you have authored a book or represent one that demonstrates excellence and innovation, you are invited to participate in the Pacific Book Awards Contest. This opportunity not only celebrates literary talent but also helps authors connect with a broader audience, enhancing their visibility in the literary community.

2024 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

  • Driving For Justice was the  2024 Winner in the Category of LITERARY FICTION.
  • Whispers In The Vineyard was the 2024 Winner in the Category of  NOVEL.
  • Intercessor: A Collection Of My Fervent Prayer was 2024 Winner in the Category of RELIGION.

The Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, presented by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE), stand as a testament to literary excellence, recognizing the remarkable achievements of authors published under their auspices. These distinguished awards shine a spotlight on independently-published and small press books, underscoring the significance of exceptional content, superior quality, compelling writing styles, and overall aesthetic presentation including innovative cover designs.

Celebrated annually, these awards are designed to honor the dedication and craftsmanship of independent authors and small presses that might otherwise be overshadowed in the broader market.

 2024 PenCraft Seasonal Book Award

  • DRIVING FOR JUSTICE was the winner of the 2024 PenCraft Seasonal Book Award Summer Competition for Fiction – Intrigue Genre.


Established in 2016, the PenCraft Book Awards aims to support the visibility and success of emerging writers and their publications. By shining a spotlight on new talent, the awards play a crucial role in introducing innovative and compelling literature to a broad audience of readers. The PenCraft Book Awards maintains an inclusive approach. The competition prides itself on having minimal barriers to entry and operates as an equal opportunity platform. This policy ensures that all authors, regardless of their publishing background or industry connections, receive a fair chance to promote their work and gain recognition.

Through this approach, the PenCraft Book Awards strives to democratize the process of literary recognition and provide all authors with a valuable opportunity to showcase their works, helping them to reach new readers and establish a foothold in the literary community.


2024 Literary Titan Book Award

  • Whispers In The Vineyard was awarded LITERARY TITAN BOOK AWARD – GOLD.
  • Driving For Justice was awarded LITERARY TITAN BOOK AWARD – SILVER.


The Literary Titan Book Awards are highly regarded in the literary community, serving as a prestigious emblem of recognition for outstanding writing that is both groundbreaking and influential. These awards are dedicated to honoring books and authors who have profoundly resonated with readers through their distinctive literary voices and creative narratives. The criteria focus on identifying works that feature original writing styles, the development of rich and engaging worlds, well-crafted and multidimensional characters, and fresh, innovative ideas that challenge conventional storytelling.

Each recipient of the Literary Titan Book Award is celebrated for their hard work, unwavering commitment, and the remarkable writing prowess demonstrated in their publications. These authors have made notable contributions to the field of literature, enriching the literary landscape with their vision and skill. The awards proudly recognize these accomplishments and aim to provide a prominent platform where the achievements of these talented individuals can be showcased and appreciated.

2024 Independent Author Awards

  • Cross Genre FINALISTS: Driving For Justice.
  • Social/Political Change FINALISTS: Driving For Justice.
  • Fiction – Northeast FINALISTS: Driving For Justice.
  • New Fiction FINALISTS: Driving For Justice.
  • New Fiction FINALISTS: Whispers In The Vineyard.
  • Suspense FINALISTS: Whispers In The Vineyard. 
  • Cover Design-Fiction FINALISTS: Whispers In The Vineyard.

The Literary Global Independent Author Awards was formed by a collection of authors to celebrate authors. They aim to recognize authors from various backgrounds and genres. Beyond recognition, they offer a stage for diverse voices and stories to connect with audiences worldwide. Winning or being a finalist isn’t just about accolades; it’s about the impact of storytelling on hearts and minds across people and cultures.

2024 Los Angeles Book Festival


  • Whispers In The Vineyard was the  Runner-Up in the Romance Category at the 2024 Los Angeles Book Festival.

The 18th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards

  • Driving For Justice was the Finalist in the category of CONTEMPORARY NOVEL

2024 The Beach Book Festival

  • Driving For Justice was the Runner-Up in General Fiction Category at the 2024 Beach Book Festival.