"Whispers in the Vineyard" by Justin K. Kojok Receives the Literary Titan Gold Book Award

“Whispers in the Vineyard,” a novel by Justin K. Kojok set in Domeabra, Ghana, has won the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, celebrating its depiction of heritage and romance in the world of winemaking. In addition to its latest accolade, the novel received the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and was a Runner-Up at the 2024 Los Angeles Book Festival.


“Whispers in the Vineyard,” a novel by acclaimed author Justin K. Kojok, has been honored with the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award, recognizing its outstanding literary quality and broad appeal. This award underscores Kojok’s skill in weaving a rich tapestry of characters and settings that resonate deeply with readers and critics alike.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Domeabra, Ghana, “Whispers in the Vineyard” explores a tale of heritage, rivalry, and romance. Readers follow Loom, the poised heir to the Daanua vineyard, as she returns to her roots and discovers not only her family’s time-honored viticulture traditions but also a blossoming romance with Feika, the heir of a rival vineyard. Their story transcends a historical family feud, showcasing a progressive outlook that leads to prosperity and unity within their community.

Literary Titan lauds the novel for its “richly descriptive” style and “skillful use of language,” which “transports the reader to the vibrant festivities and aromatic world of winemaking.” The review further highlights the organic development of Loom and Feika’s romance, mirroring the growth surrounding the grapevines of their estates.

Justin K. Kojok, a multi-award-winning author with a diverse background in journalism and IT, brings a unique perspective to his writing. His narrative prowess is evident as he combines cultural heritage with romantic intrigue, making “Whispers in the Vineyard” a compelling read for anyone interested in stories that celebrate the enduring power of love and tradition.

The book has also garnered the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Winter 2024 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Novel and was the Runner-Up in the Romance category at the 2024 Los Angeles Book Festival, further cementing its status as a significant book. “Whispers in the Vineyard” is available in E-book, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audiobook formats at major online and in-store booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books, and Kobo.


About the Book

In the lush vineyards of Domeabra, Ghana, a tale of entwined destinies unfolds. Loom, the spirited heir to the Daanua vineyard, returns home only to find herself ensnared in a centuries-old family feud with the neighboring estate owned by the enigmatic Feika. As they clash and connect, the duo unearths hidden diaries that reveal secrets capable of healing old wounds. Amidst the verdant groves and the intoxicating rush of harvest, Loom and Feika’s rivalry blossoms into a fervent romance, challenging them to forge a new legacy of unity and prosperity. With every page steeped in the rich traditions of viticulture and the power of reconciliation, this novel is a testament to the enduring bonds of love and the transformative power of understanding one’s heritage.


About the Author

Justin K. Kojok is a multi-award-winning author who is celebrated for his eloquent storytelling and insights into cultural heritage. Born and raised in Ghana, Justin has woven the rich tapestry of his upbringing into his novels, bringing to life the vibrant landscapes and complex histories of his homeland. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Economics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, reflecting his diverse academic interests and ability to interweave technical expertise with literary creativity. Before embracing his passion for literature, Justin honed his narrative skills as a research journalist for a national entertainment magazine, TV & Radio Guide, and as a news editor at Focus FM in Ghana. His books, including “Driving for Justice,” “Intercessor: A Collection of My Fervent Prayers,” and “Whispers in the Vineyard,” showcase his talent for crafting compelling narratives that explore themes of justice, spirituality, and human connection. Residing in Virginia, USA, with his wife and three children, Justin balances a career as an IT specialist with his writing, embodying dedication both to his family and his craft. His works invite readers to explore the intricate dynamics of love, tradition, and reconciliation.

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